Why Choose Chapel Associates

Exceptional veterinary architecture addresses the functional and aesthetic demands of your practice. In addition, it contributes to the success of your veterinary work. At Chapel Associates Architects, we understand that veterinary facility design is a breed apart.

More than any other type of building, the proper arrangement of rooms, traffic flow, maximum utilization of space, and location of cabinetry or equipment is important in veterinary and boarding kennel design. Issues such as noise reduction, air quality and pathogen control must be fully understood and addressed. Your facility‚Äôs floor plan, choice of materials and appearance should accurately reflect your practice goals and image.

Spaces within each hospital, shelter or boarding kennel must be efficient, functional and welcoming to your staff and clients. Your environment needs to clearly communicate your professionalism and your dedication to the health, comfort and well-being of the animals placed in your care. Areas that offer pet products and ancillary services such as boarding, grooming and training must be designed to maximize productivity and profit.

In short, every aspect of your project from broad city planning issues to minuscule design decisions impact the success of your building. All are critical elements of the overall design and construction process. In these areas Chapel Associates Architects takes the Blue Ribbon.

Whether you are building a totally new facility, planning an addition, remodeling, or completing a tenant finish-out, we understand that your investment is significant. The expertise of Chapel Associates Architects will save you money by making sure you avoid errors or omissions that may result in additional cost or inconvenience.

Our experience with projects of all sizes allows us to anticipate and meet specialized requirements in the most cost-effective way. We know where money can be saved without sacrifice to quality and where it would be wise to invest in the best you can afford. We know how to get things done in the best way and with the biggest construction savings for you!