Veterinary Architectural Design To Suit Your Needs

Floor Plan Review & Consulting

The specialized design of a veterinary hospital or kennel is much different from the project experience of most local architects and builders. Should you choose to have your facility designed by a local firm, our design consulting and floor plan review services are offered to you and your local architect. The knowledge and experience gained in the design of hundreds of animal facilities will improve your functionality and can save you time and construction dollars! Our consulting service will be tailored to your needs and wishes.

Through these consulting services, Chapel Associates Architects can perform a review of all preliminary drawings and final construction drawings of your project. We can review the local firm’s proposed site and floor plan while offering additional consulting options including reviews of the outside elevation drawings, finish materials, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. We become a part of your design team, reviewing as many drawings and plans as you wish to submit. Our review of both preliminary and final construction plans will consist of red-marking, sketching ideas, or noting in red on the drawings submitted. We can also include a written report if necessary, discussing the suggestions in more depth. This report along with these “marked” drawings will then be returned to you, the Owner and your Architect, for use in preparing future plans.

The responsibility of your local architect will be to prepare all drawings for preliminary building design, building permitting and final construction along with performing all functions normally associated with building construction, engineering and construction observation.

The following optional services are available separately or as a total turnkey package:

  • Help you conceptualize your dreams, requirements and budget – while incorporating your practice philosophy, goals and personality
  • Help you retain a local architect (if desired), and help you select the builder and contractors
  • Assist in the selection of your building site
  • Help obtain required approval and permits, interpret building codes, ADA, OSHA, and zoning ordinances
  • Plan your site, parking and drives, design exterior elevations, interior floor plans and traffic flow
  • Design electrical, lighting and environmental systems incorporating noise abatement, odor control and energy efficiency into the total building design
  • Select interior materials and colors
  • Oversee building construction and insure proper workmanship and warranty of installed materials
  • Design signage and graphics
  • Plan for future expansion requirements

Compensation for plan review or consulting services is based on a square foot rate. Please call us for estimates.