What Our Clients Are Saying

“I met Dan Chapel at the 2000 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference.  I needed help figuring out how to fit multiple elements into a rectangular central treatment area.  Dan suggested a change of shape and adding lateral extensions to accommodate a cat ward and a staff lounge at the north and south sides of the building.”

“Chapel also suggested separate entrances and check-in areas for dog and cat clients at a rounded central reception island fitted with seating on one side and shelves on the other to create the illusion of separation without dividing the large room.  This allows receptionists and clients to view the whole room, while we block the lines of sight between cats and dogs.  Our clients are much more at ease.”

“We created a room just for cats with a view to the outside that cats really love.  We put a lot of thought into cat clients, and this does it!”

– Kenneth Haynes, D.V.M. Dana Park Veterinary Hospital

“Dan took our floor plan and perfected it, making a million little changes to improve the traffic flow.  With his experience in building animal hospitals, he knew the materials I needed and the quality I wanted.  He was wonderful to work with—and worth every penny. “

“Dan was also flexible.  With the final design and the necessary bids and appraisals in hand, I reviewed my floor plan one last time the night before a bank appointment to obtain financing—and decided I wanted a fourth exam room for large dogs.  Hoping Dan wouldn’t kill me, I called him and asked if we could add another room.  He graciously agreed to redraw the plan and get new bids from the contractor!”

– Nancy Belknap, D.V.M. New Hope Animal Hospital

“Phase 1 of our project is complete, and we started using the new space last week.  It is gorgeous—and it is a great layout to work in.  We get many great compliments on how well you joined the two structures to create a very attractive facade. We are thrilled with our new building!”

– Donna J.H. Nizolek, D.V.M. Community Animal Hospital of Easton